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1. Optical (Infrared/Visible) Sensor

Infrared imaging devices provide an experience of showing a heat-image by human-eye and have been widely used in industry, medical and military. The IR sensors absorb incident IR radiation that increases temperature of the cell. The heat is transferred into a metal oxide. Then, the heated material releases varied electrical resistance. The response is converted to digital signal with a read-out integrated circuit. Finally, we can see a heat-image. In the process of the IR imaging, performance of the IR device significantly depends on the various characteristics of the metal oxide (e.g. VOx). For improved IR imaging, optimized deposition skill and post-treatment are critical, and we focus to develop advanced functional materials with a high responsivity and sensitivity to optical input.

2. Multimodal (Electrical & Colorimetric) Gas Sensor

Multi-modal sensor is used for monitoring gas detection effectively by receiving gasochromic and electric signal. Hydrogen gas is explosive at concentrations above 4%, and CO and NO gases are poisonous to the human body. Therefore, gas sensing technology that detects in various ways based on immediate and high reliability is very important. In addition, as realizing detection both in the liquid and gaseous phase by monitoring the amount of dissolved gas in various industrial fields according to the dissemination and use, it can be variously applied in the bio/diagnostic and safety sensor field. We are researching both design of new multimodal sensor platform and all key materials such as catalysis, active channel, and passivation layer.

Further Readings
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