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번호 프로젝트명 발주처 착수일 종료일 파일
14 Development of non-precious metal-based multi-function hydrogen water electrode and modul(비 귀금속 계 수소수 다기능 전극 및 모듈 개발) Ministry of SMEs and Startups(중소기업청) 2017.12.01 2018.11.30
13 Processing Development of Hydrogen-Detecting Chemochromic Thin Films Applicable as Fuel Cell Vehicle Parts (연료전지 자동차 부품개발 적용을 위한 수소 착색필름 양산공정 개발 자문) Kolon Central Research Center 2016.07.01 2016.12.31
12 Development of Hydrogen Safety Sensor Module for Fuel Cell Power Generator (발전형 연료 전지용 수소 안전 센서 모듈 개발/연구성과사업화지원 기술업그레이드 R&D) 연구성과실용화진흥원 2016.06.29 2018.06.28
11 Development of the high efficient of light-energy harvesting devices based on plasmonic nanoparticles (도약성과확산,참여) 한국연구재단 2014.11.01 2016.10.31
10 Eye-readable chemochromic liquid/gas leak detection sensor (육안식별용 화학착색식 누수/누설 다중 안전 센서 개발, 기술이전개발사업) 중소기업청 2015.11.01 2017.10.31
9 Development of High Concentration Hydrogen Sensor and Real-time Hydrogen Gas Monitoring System(울산지역주력산업육성과제) 산업통상자원부 2015.08.01 2017.07.31
8 Development of Plasmonic Hot Carrier Solar Cell using Low-Dimension Nanoscale Inorganic Semiconductors (중견연구사업) National Research Funding 2015.05.01 2018.04.30
7 Development of Large Area and Low Temperature Process and 3D Hybrid Device Integration for 2D Materials (나노소재원천과제) Korean National Research Funding 2014.09.01 2019.08.31
6 Process and Analysis technique Development for enhancing TiN Electrode-based Capacitor Property Samsung Electronics 2014.03.01 2016.02.29
5 Research on analysis of front-end unit devices and defects using next generation wafer(Completed Project) LG Siltron 2013.06.01 2014.05.31
4 Development of Hydrogen-Detecting Chemochromic Thin Films (Completed project) 현대 NGV 2013.03.01 2015.02.28
3 Analysis of Electronic band structure and band-offset of Buffer Layer to improve CIGS solar cell efficiency (Completed Project) LG이노텍 2013.03.01 2013.12.31
2 Development of Doping Techniques and Applications for Nanostructured Oxide Semiconductor for Solar Energy Harvesting Korean National Research Funding 2013.05.01 2015.04.30
1 Research on a functional oxide semiconductor absorbing visible-light for application of solar energy (Completed Project) Funded by Ajou University 2011.10.01 2013.09.30

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